Temporary Visa

Student Visa

Students who wish to study in New Zealand and are citizens of other countries can get rights to study in New Zealand as International full fee-paying students. International students can get a student visa for the period for which they have paid their course fees along with 20 hours of work rights as per their visa conditions. Certain levels of courses also allow international students to get post-study work visas which allow them to gain valuable experience in New Zealand after their qualification has been completed.

Partners of International students can either get visitor or work visa according to the course undertaken by the student. Additionally, dependent children of international students are also welcomed to stay with them. They can either be visitor visa holders or student visa holders as per their age and eligibility. You will be able to learn more about the application process and requirements by working with an experienced student visa advisor in Auckland.

Steps in Applying for a Student Visa:

Our experienced advisers can help you choose the program of study and education provider that fits your needs.
We will provide you with a list of required documents for your application and our advisers will help you in preparing your application for lodgement.
We will keep you updated regarding the progress and status of your visa application.
If you decide to study in New Zealand or you are already in New Zealand and you are searching for a pathway to become a skilled migrant and ultimately becoming a New Zealand resident, contact us now.

Visitor visa

A visitor visa allows entry to New Zealand for a short period of time, without the right to stay permanently in New Zealand. Immigration Guru can assist the people planning to visit New Zealand or extend their stay in New Zealand as Visitor and remain lawful in the country.

Visitor visa categories we assist with include:

General visitor
Visiting family or friends
Business visitor
Parents and grandparents of New Zealand residents or citizens
Partners/children of work visa, student or residence visa holders
Guardian visas for parent or guardian of an international student aged 17 years and below
Visiting New Zealand for medical treatments or consultation
People from over 50 countries do not require a visa to enter New Zealand. To find out if you can enter New Zealand visa free or test your eligibility for any other category of visitor visa contact us now.

Work Visa

There are a few different scenarios that can help you acquire a Work Visa. Like a job offer from a New Zealand employer, recently graduated from New Zealand, relationship with a person in New Zealand, Young highly skilled professional and other such reasons. Immigration Guru provides support and advice to clients who are planning to work in New Zealand. We use tailor-made solutions and strategies to increase your chances of obtaining work visa approval. We aim to help you and make your work visa application process easier and less cumbersome.

If you decide to come to New Zealand for work purposes, or you are already in New Zealand and wish to apply for a further work visa you can seek required information from one of our expert advisors at Immigration Guru for you and your potential employer. Immigration New Zealand has several work visa categories to welcome skilled migrants from different countries.

Steps in Applying for a Work Visa:

Check if your skills / competencies are listed in New Zealand demand lists.
Learn about New Zealand. A visit to the country will allow you to meet potential employers.
Get professional help by meeting experienced advisors.
Make sure all your documents are ready along with other requirements.

Work visa categories we assist with include:


Essential Skills

This visa can be applied by an individual who has been offered a full-time job and has the required qualifications and experience to work in the job, your employer must have checked if any new Zealanders were available to do the work, before offering you the job. You may be able to support visa applications for your partner and dependent children.

Study to work

This type of visa is ideal for students who completed their studies in New Zealand and want to stay and work in the country.

Work Visa under specific purpose

This visa is for performing artists who will be visiting/ working for a specific show/purpose.

Work to residence

This type of visa allows you to work in New Zealand for a particular period and then apply for a resident visa afterwards.

Work visa under partnership

You can apply for this type of visa if your partner is a New Zealand citizen or resident. To qualify, you should meet the requirements set by Immigration New Zealand.

Work visa for Holiday makers

This visa is for you if you are going to work in New Zealand under working holiday schemes.

Horticulture/viticulture seasonal work visa

You can apply for this visa if your employer offers temporary or seasonal work in the horticulture or viticulture industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work while I hold a student visa?

Students may work up to 20 hours per week. You may only work while on a student visa if it has been endorsed on your student visa.

What is the cost of living in New Zealand?

Approximate cost of living in New Zealand as an international student is NZD 250 to NZD 300 weekly. The living cost may vary depending upon the region the student is staying.

How long can I remain in New Zealand as a visitor?

The maximum time allowed as visitor is 9 months in 18 months. However in some circumstances a visitor visa can be extended beyond 9 months.

Can I study while I hold visitor visa?

Visitors may be allowed to study a single course of study which is not more than 3 months in duration while holding a visitor visa. This condition is often endorsed on your visa.

Can I work while I hold visitor visa?

No, visitor visa holders should not undertake employment. However, in some circumstances, Immigration New Zealand may grant employment rights. To request for working rights on a visitor visa, an application for a Variation of Condition may be lodged in the prescribed manner.

Do I need a job before I apply a work Visa?

This depends on the category under which you are applying for a work visa. Under the Family/Partnership and Graduate Job Search Categories you may qualify for a work visa without a job offer.

Do I need to go for medicals every time I apply for a visa?

You are not required to submit medicals every time you submit a visa application. Once you have submitted the medicals to Immigration New Zealand they will remain valid until 3 years.

How long will my application take?

The processing time of your application is determined by many factors such as the processing branch, the type of application and your individual circumstances. Immigration New Zealand have set expected processing time and your adviser should give you a realistic expectation. Should your application not be finalised within the expected time frame a concern should be raised with the department.

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