Residence Visa

New Zealand’s residence programme is to contribute to economic growth through enhancing the overall level of human capability in New Zealand, encouraging enterprise and innovation, and fostering international links, while maintaining a high level of social cohesion. There are several categories of Residence Class Visas for the people who wish to live in New Zealand permanently. Although migrants have many different reasons for choosing New Zealand as their destination, the most common reason is New Zealand’s life style and natural beauty.

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Steps in Applying for a Residence Visa


Consult with a residence visa advisor.

The advisor will choose the right type of visa for you
Complete the requirements by submitting all the documents and applicable forms.
Lodge your Residence Application

If you are prepared to apply for New Zealand permanent residency or you are interested in testing your eligibility as an applicant or sponsor, contact Immigration Guru now for expert advice.

Residence visa categories we assist with include:



Immigration New Zealand may grant residence visas to the family members of New Zealand citizens or residents. This family sponsored stream aims to help NZ residents reunite with their families.


A person from another country whose child is a resident or citizen of New Zealand may apply for a residence visa under the family sponsored stream.

Dependent child

You may apply for a residence visa if you are a dependent child of a New Zealand citizen or resident.

Sibling/Adult child

Brothers, sisters and adult children of New Zealand citizens or residents may be granted residency, so they can relocate to NZ and join their families.

Skilled Migrant

Apply for a residence visa in New Zealand under the skilled migrant category if you have the skills, experience and qualifications the country needs.

If you hold a work visa or you are planning to apply for another working visa in New Zealand, you may qualify for residence under the skilled migrant category.


Entrepreneur Work Visa

This Work Visa is included in the Residence section because it is a pathway to residence.

International / Humanitarian

The International / Humanitarian scheme allows refugees and victims of domestic violence to obtain a residence visa in New Zealand. Special Directions – The Minister of Immigration has the power to grant residence to people with special situations. In some cases, deserving applicants may not meet the strict criteria and it’s up to the Minister to approve the application.
You must meet all the requirements set the Immigration New Zealand to qualify and gain approval. Our advisors will explain everything you need to know about the application process and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many points do you need to immigrate to New Zealand?

You’ll need at least 100 points to be accepted into the pool. Currently, EOIs with 160 points or above are being selected.

Do I need Police Checks and medicals at the time of submitting Expression of Interest?

You are not required to submit any document at the time of submitting an Expression of Interest. Once you have received an invitation to apply you have to submit all the documents with your residence application.

Can my family come with me?

There’s a good chance your family will be able to join in you in New Zealand, but to a certain extent it depends on the type of visa you’re applying for. If you are applying for a Skilled Migrant Residence class visa you can include your partner and children in your residence application.

I am a Victim of Domestic Violence, are there any chances if I can be granted Residence Visa in any circumstances?

If your circumstances are genuine and you have been violated domestically, Yes, you may be eligible for a work visa following a residence class visa.

Is it possible for me to live permanently in New Zealand with my New Zealander partner?

Yes, you may be eligible for one of the family categories of Residence class visa.

How long will my application take?

The processing time of your application is determined by many factors such as the processing branch, the type of application and your individual circumstances. Immigration New Zealand have set expected processing time and your adviser should give you a realistic expectation. Should your application not be finalised within the expected time frame a concern should be raised with the department.

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